Favorite teacher at ISB ? ummm the teachers i have classes with will probably have to be Ms. Williams or Mr. banks :)
      Top 10 girls and Top 10 boys idfk sorry i love everyoneee<3
      Wait so u and kei arn't 2gether anymore? yeah were not anymore
      hey you, follow me at gIak3 kk i will bro :)
      kei is mine i have alwaysed loved him and u took him away from me:( i hate you cool story go tell someone whos actually dating him
      Bears can! can whattt???
      u da sexy banana mhm ;D
      u are so cool thank you
      my names alana, im six and im a buuty queen !!!!!!! (weird dance moves) hahha god damit Alana, finish yo sketii
      berry blast? ummm okay sure!
      do u want mentos tomorrow? what typeee???
      eyeyey yooo
      I LUV U SEXY FEELINGS BABE!!! I know babes, there very sexyy ;D
      i lahk sketti <3 haha #teambooboo