i luv mins

      dumb ho thnx lol
      heyyyy ello
      hiiii heyhey :-)
      can you come online? ): i wanna talk to you! this was 2 days ago.. soz bb. IM ONLINE NOW THOUGHH
      helllllllllllo hihi
      you are too pretty x haha thank you x
      but I wanna talk to you...... then talk to me on facebook? :3 x
      Heyy heyhey
      You are the prettiest girl in the world thank you :3 xx
      Why are you so pretty meh i dont think i am but thank you :-)
      U watch new girl too omg cece is so pretty and schidmt is so funny bahahhaha yeahhhhh <3 "schmidt happens"
      Ola senorita ello
      no :( aw, i think it's messed up
      u arent online? I am :c
      you arent online....:( dont do that oh shit (a month ago) I'm sorry bbg :c
      no you arentttttt xxxxx -3 days ago- soz :( im online now though.. not like you'll see this ._.
      go onlineeeee xxxxx i am onlineeee
      come online xx this was sent 8 days ago and i just saw this... sorry D:
      Hello! Hey there :)
      heyyy hiiii