hey guys im alice xx

      Man I'm so wasted AHAHAH on ya!!!
      does nush loooooooooooove lachie king probaly?
      ilÿ spell it out
      Best guy friends? HEWWITTT staz charlie b will k
      Fave veggie brocoli
      Maccas or miccie d's asshole
      whos ur fav mgs boy koren and angus
      Ice or cream or ice cream ice
      did ya meet anyone at lachies or did you know everyone there yeahhhh 2 or 3
      How many rainbows should you see when it rains? I think it should be five i dont know
      I love you like a sister thats nice
      p v
      kewl yep
      Your a siq kunt!! nah thats kerser you mistaken
      Would it be Cannible if a chocolate bar got hungry and took a chunk out of itself? yeahh it would be
      hey renno hey you
      YOLO im a cat..
      please write me a poem k? roses are red violets are blue what i thought was vaso turned out to be glue x
      hey hii
      how was it funny? life is funny
      HEY HOWDO GO ONLINE i dont bloody know
      How many ppl were drunk at lachie's? none
      Was there alcohol @ lachie's? no
      Im your number one fan hehe
      favrite xaviers? at the moment paddy lachei will stazz
      I heard that jack Unger fingered u nup
      Mmm yeahhh unger you crave unger yrs ago xxoxo
      arenn i can see you OoOooO
      ima under your bed i see u
      Way colored socks would a watermelon wear? GREEN
      Let me rephrase did jack unger fist you? JACKS NEVER TOUCHED ME
      How are you UM OK
      why does anouska tell everyone she is hungover.. SERIOUSLY! can she get over herself. mmmm :/
      I am a huge fan of your ass, i might create a fan page! id like that page
      HEY HOWDO GO ONLINE i dont know iwehgobrctwoei
      Do you write? yeah poems x
      did jack unger finger you? err no
      why the fuck was anouska on top of lachie.. slut ahahhahahahhah nono not slut it was funny if its funny its okay