nothing can beat my babe <3 hahahha <3
      nooo u <3 AHAA
      no u are too perfect <3 noo you!
      anyone would, you are my dream girl <3 <3 xoxoxoxoxo omg stop this you are too sweet <3
      i wish i could be ur boyfriend <3 haha aww omg you cutie trust me you dont want me as a girlfriend HAHAH
      i will do anything so i will dhl it to ur house <3 ahahhthanks?
      what can i do for you <3 HAHA buy me food <3
      xoxoxoxoxoxo <3 love you so much HAHAH i love you too!
      ily too <3 mwah xoxo
      i will do anything for you and dont listen to those rude things anon say hehe thank you!! omg ily nah dw they really dont bother me ! HAAH
      ur fucking disgusting who ever wrote that message about jizz on alica's face do u kiss ur mother with those lips ahaha omg i love you! you going to take that anon!?!! HAHAHA
      I would say that to your face, then i would jizz all over it and smack yo face with my 7inch dong. P.P.S of course you give a fuck, all girls do when theyre called ugly. HAHAHAH okie baby boots sorry nawt this galAHAH
      dont call alica ugly, whats the bet ur ugly as shit aww you sweetie <3 talk to me please
      whats ur bra size i like ur tits stop no
      And you smell like cheese HAHAH im so fucking hurt :'(
      Says the girl who uses talkd for attention, well whatever. P.S you're ugly HAHAH excuse me would you like to say that to my face ps i couldnt give less of a fuck x
      "ahahh i dont give my number our to random people!" get off talkd ??? lol
      who you calling desperate? you baby g
      whats ur cup size?? i like ur (.)(.) what tits?
      whats ur number?? ahahh i dont give my number our to random people!
      okay your second hottest thats in hong kong. hurry up HAHAHwhy so desperate i dont know
      The hottest friend you have, give me her number i need a date for tomorrow. HAHAHA shes not here sorry bub
      give me your friends number, you know the hot one HAHA i havve a lot of hot friends?what you on about
      bra size i dont wear bras
      hey wassup? hiyaa ntm you?
      why so pretty? aww baby thank you <3
      hey hii