Agatha Avocado

      why do you put your last name as avocado.....? it's my real last name
      stop listening to die antwoord. they're just perverted they corrupted my innocent mind :'(
      pipi in jaja agreed
      you're no fun :( i thought you would get creeped and look out of the window so that i could say: HA! i bet you looked! looking out the window would mean I'd have to get up and I just got in a really comfortable position so it's not happening anytime soon
      i'm secretly watching you. look through your window I just waved, just in case
      enable chat! HOW
      so you are drinking tea? my plan to appear creepy worked! yes it's delicious, Iris got me fancy tea for my birthday
      lolnope it worked once though
      agatha you're bad at this i know help shouldn't you be able to chat or something
      and is the tea you're drinking good? yes
      how's the tea you're drinking? how did you know
      hi hi!
      it's not showing me a chat box idk why idk how omg im so confused someone help
      are you getting my questions? is it working now
      shouldn't i be seeing your answers? ok wait