Alex Cashin

Talk to me c:

      unfortunately user is offline now, so you can't chat with him/her anonymously :( ---- NOOOOO I'm sorry :( x
      hi heyy
      u're offline :( IM ONLINE NOOWW! <3
      offline :( im online now! :D
      why u offilne babe? ahh my wifi is shit :( im online now :D x
      thanks, you just went offline when i was gonna reply your q i didnt go offline?? o: IM STILL HERE!
      why did u go offline?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????? OMG SORRY MY INTERNETS MESSING UP :(( MESSAGE ME AGAIN!
      you seem really nice haha and really pretty! :) it was nice meeting you ;D awh thank you!! fb message me! x
      heyyy :D heyyyy