no oh okay :)
      because you are beautiful :o Do I know you ? haha
      brat come online :) miss you I AM SORRY FOR TODAY! LOVE AND MISS YOU You fool you know everyone can see this message but yeah It's okay :3 ily2 n miss ya too :) brat
      get back here Foolish fool
      meanie lol what?
      did you leave? o sorry computer dropped out
      o we should meet up sometime =) Yeah would be fun :) may I know your name ? hehe
      wait this is jordon's sister svala right? Yes :P but I'm more around my dad and yeah
      why whats wrong? and is the person jordon? no hahaha XD the person is my dad
      does your name need the :3 ? or is that just a face? it's just a face hehe
      ok hi svala :) how are you today I'm fine thanks :D a bit dizzy but other wise all fine , how about you?
      who is this Well I'm a girl I have no idea how to explain who I am you should know it you'er talking to me but anyway my name is Guðbjörg Svala Hrafnsdóttir But you can call me Svala :3
      hello is anyone even here? I'm here you fool
      hello who is this? Fool you know who it is