Sakura Chow

      Not online today? haha i wont be on unless you msg me on ask
      Ur not replying on chat :( try again :)
      Ur not replying on chat :( i did!
      Hiya :) heyy :^)
      Hi Sakura do you like Chowder? rly
      why can I only ask questions on your talkd?????????????????? Answer me in chat pls. Jk you can't because there is no chat????? try again pls!!1
      right back at it again huh. yo pl
      hey heyy
      PEEEEENIS ty
      i will not bow with better quality! :) thanks ive done 2, this is the newer one with my mic :)
      please do safe and sound cover! haha maybe :) thanks
      hello hey !
      Boredom strikes again indeed it does