1/4 Little Mix :)

      Give me a prof, i think you not the real perrie You have proofs on my account :) real? I'm sorry that so ask questions but I want to be sure who send such gifts / magda Just Harry is real
      Heyaa Perrie...Love you soo much <3 Guess who I am? ;D <333 I love you more Annie! :)
      Hhahahha Louis :Sexy bitch Perrie : Sexy ass :)) Yup,haha.He is crazy,but i love him <3
      This is your real account ? /magda Yeah :)
      My name isn't Kristina it's Katarina. But you were close ;) :D <33 Oh,sorry!! :) real? Fake
      Hey beauty queen ♥ What's your account please ?? Love you perfect girl <3 Hey hun. @PerrieLouEdwardsLM Love you more.
      i hate you I love you
      Perrie!If i send you my skype'll add me? My skype is just for family and friends,sorry :$
      you provide a link to the actual accounts of the 1D boys? On :)
      <3 <3 :)
      Perrie I'm @stophateandgetalife on :D I love you so so so much <3 Hey...Kristina,right? I love you more<3
      Okay , you're online in Yes,i'm :)
      yeee:x. One Direction will come to Romania? I hope. Better ask Zayn :)x
      Perrie.I'm Betti from the chat ♥ Hungary love you♥and want Little Mix concert :) Love ♥ Hey Betti. I love Hungary! I hope we'll come there soon :)
      You have lot of fans in Serbia :D When will you come here? <3 Ah,Serbia. We should come there next year.I can't wait,because we've many Mixers there,and i want to meet you all! :)
      I'm fine :D Diam is over? :( That's their private life,and i don't want to talk about it.
      Perrie i love you! Romania loves you!You will come in Romania? I love you! I love Romania! I hope. Maybe we come next year there :)xx
      Hi Perrie! I'm @PerriesBlueEyes <3 How are you? Hey life! I'm excited,because i can't wait to cell ice-cream to Mixers,haha. And you? :)
      Perrie,i love you♥Love me? I love you so much<3
      You're so beautiful ♥ Aww,thank you! <3
      Heyaaa Perrie :) How are you ? Hey sweetie. I'm fine,you? :)
      hey what are you up 2?!?!?! Hello! Nothing special,what about you?
      Hey Perrie <3 Hello<3
      Hello. xx Hey :)
      Loooooveee❤I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.❤YOU'RE PERFECT.❤ I'm not perfect,nobody is. I love you more<3
      i hum?
      hey kgfhowareyouldfh hiugdh hello :)
      Perrieeeee Hello :)xx