Nusrat Chowdhury

      whats ur number? i'm not saying it on here..??
      get online beeeetch. okay wait it's being gay, 2 minutes seen nigga
      bang bang bangity bang
      JAMIE BOURK!!!! i don't think so
      you want to slap me down??? i'd like to see you do that, maybe after my little rape session, jk luv you <3 -JB WHO ARE YOU? JUSTIN BIEBER? TELL ME YOUR NAME NOW.
      Not really robin, that was something some bitch said to me at my party can you not, omg the batman person
      It's not who you are underneath. It's what you do that defines you. Elaborate if it's something personal between you and I
      you're so pretty xoxo :* lame loser
      feed you feed
      hi lalala sorry
      Hand me down the shark repellent Batspray! bye jams
      hi sorry :'(
      Cameron.............. no sorry this is Nusrat !!
      Oi. You're beautiful. Oi. Thanks hehe.
      why arent you online :( i'm sorry anon my talkd is messed up