Niall Horan

im Niall, im in one direction. i sing and play an instrument with 6 strings on it ! mullingar,westmeath,ireland

      I LOVE YOU! Love you too <33
      Hey! I love you more than everything on this world! Hey! Love you more! <33
      I haven't got tickets to your concert in spain :(( i'm relay sad but when you answer my questions .... Pufff hahahahaha :) YOU'RE PERFECT becouse i'm ugly hehehe :] No,i'm not perfect and you're not ugly! You're beautiful and perfect to me <33
      What's your account?
      What you think about blonde girls? I love blonde girls
      Hiiii :) i need you :) you are perfect Hey! I'm not, you're perfect.
      When come Hungary??:DD Maybe we cometo Hungary next year :)
      Hey Niall ;) Hey!
      <3 I love you my Irish man and I love your language <3 I love you! <3
      Hey Niall, I love you soo much!!!! <3 <3 Hey! I love you more <3
      i´m zeynep and i love 1D!<3<3 And we love you too! <3
      Hii! i love you Hey :) Love you too <33
      Nialler :) I'm İrem :D <3 Ahaaha Iremm! <33 Ahah :D
      Niall, I love you ;) :* <3 Love you too <3
      i <3 you sooo much!!<3you´re my idol!<3 Love you moree <33
      soryyy Nial:D:D:* Why?
      hahaha bial<3<3<3 love u!!<3 Love you too <33