I fake it so real i am beyond fake

      HOW DID U KNOW IT WAS ME cuz u so geeehy
      how wud u like to be a centre fold xD i knew it freak
      You are so beautiful Omg ily Kass
      ur the most beautiful human being ever thank you, you probably are aswel c:
      You left me :( IM HERE IT WAS MY INTERNET
      No because I don't plan to be here for the future Why not? There are so many people that need you, think about all the people you will hurt when you're gone. I'm not being rude, mean, or ignorant, but I can tell you for sure that whatever is putting you down will not last forever and you will overco
      I haven't cut in like 3 months but goddamn I have the biggest urge I've ever had Please don't, trust me you will look back on it and realise how stupid it was. You just have to stop now, find alternatives.
      Oh good yeah so I fucking love you :) I love you too :)
      Is this anon? yes it is
      Hello hello
      you are stunning :*
      i'm in china where are you? omg cool were you on the China trip? I'm in Australia
      I was just wondering you know the casual hahahahaha :P
      Do you have sex everyday no, why?
      hey :) hey :)
      ><> :)
      Lol lol
      Hey how are you? good thanks, you?
      How are you? good, you?