Who\'s your bestfriend from Thailand? I have a handful of good friends :)
      I hope you recover soon from Jetlag Thanks. Who is this?
      Who\'s your best friend? From which country?
      what is your Skype? i feel very stalkerish!! Chat with me first? :P :P
      How's your day? Today was FANTASTIC!!!
      What are some of your favorite movies? Men In Black, Disney, The Great Gatsby, Glory Road, and Invictus.
      What is your favorite book(s)? Tuesdays with Morrie, The Kite Runner, and a Light of the Moon.
      Do you want to date anytime soon? What will be, will be. If someone fantastic catches my attention then I want to get to know him first and become best friends then sure, I'll think about it :) . I have to be able to really trust him.
      What is your song of the week? hm...right now I am really liking Bring Me Flowers by Hope
      I think you are a really nice person and I enjoy talking to you. :D thank you
      I like your picture and I like you :P
      why are you so beautiful and amazing? You're too kind :) right back at you pretty person xx
      heyo Hello