Helena Andersen

I only speak English. But I can also understand Icelandic.

      Ask me, please? http://talkd.me/killjoys well, sure n_n
      You seem like a very nice person ^^ (It's the same Brazilian made ​​you other questions) Oh, hey there again n_n and thank you, you also seem like a nice person :)
      I HATE BOB!!! B-but Bob's awesome ;~;
      þetta var Oddný ahhh, and no, I don't think it was him though .-.
      Helga ... þessi frá Brasilíu... var það sá sem þú talaðir við þegar við gistum? :/ idk...who is this?
      Why are you so awesome? Um, I'm not quite sure...I don't find myself awesome, but in your eyes I guess the secret's just being myself!
      I asked what you think about Brazilians because many people have a wrong view about them. I am Brazilian, and please do not judge me if my english is wrong. >.< But anyway, how old are you? Well, I couldn't really judge since I've only "met" one, I guess two now, and I think your English's very good. :) and I'm 14 y/o :3
      What do you think of Brazilians? I'm not sure, I've only met one on Omegle and he really liked ass. O.O
      I also love waffles! What is your favorite My Chemical Romance song ? Yay! And I would have to say either Desert Song or Drowning Lessons.
      Do you like waffles? Nope. I love them!
      are you a lesbian? No, but I'm bisexual.