Why U so PrettY? <3 Nope Im Not Pretty!
      Ru? a lesbian? No..
      The first time i saw you, i fell in love with you<3my heart beats faster every time i see you. i get jealous and break down to pieces when you are with someone Cool! Haha :) Im With Someone? I Dont Even Hang Out With Boys XD BTW Who Are Yah ?
      Are you there? Yes ^_^
      And i´m soo lonely .. Nobody talks with me :''< Aww , Whyyyyy?
      I have 4 older sis and 1 half brother -_- Thats Okay ;)
      Aww.. I want lil siblings to :þ Not only older .. XD Ahahaha XDD LooooL! I Want A Older Brother XD But Nahh, My Lil Siblings Are Enough ;) Ilovethem So Much!
      Sup? XD - W. Just Chillin With Mah Niggas .. Joke :)) With Mah Lil Siblings :)
      Why no chat? Ha?
      luvjú will u be mine ? Haha :) luvjú 2 XD Who Are You ? ^_^
      What did Maggy text you? Text What?
      Hey! Hi :)