Karl Lin


      No. No more. ok
      OMG Karl. Why did u send me that video. The view of the the valley one. ? more here http://www.youtube.com/user/VideoFortHQ
      omg and dat huge whale wuz just like "muah" and dat butler person wuz just like "oh i thin were in trouble" and den dey were just lyk "what tipped u of genius" hi faye
      OMG I give up waaaaaaaaaay too hard to fake it. XD hi faye
      But anyway the whale was so cute XD hi faye
      Oh but I swear the next non-cap non-grammar non-punctual one coming won't be mine. Nope, it totally won't be mine, cuz I'm smarter than that. Seriously. ok sure totes
      Nuuuuuu~ (/゚Д゚)/ Fine. One day. I swear. I will disguise my chat with awesome non-caps and terrible grammar and non-existent punctuation marks. One day. Mark my words............. yes ok marked
      Meeeeeep. I was hoping u wouldn't have guessed. >.< Now this toally ruins the point of chatting anonymously. =3= yes... yes it does
      OMG U'RE ONLINE! :O But it says u're offline. Tch. Oh well, by now u probably already know who I am because of my unique chatting style. XD hi faye
      Online or offline? idk internet is kinda weird
      :poop: asdf;iashdfiuahsfboiaerfoiaehrdpghaepirfghlajidhf
      miao meow :D
      oi heyoo
      do you like to fuck? uh.....no
      Can't Be fucked ?
      oh ok ahah yeah :D
      But to CBF ...?
      How tell me oh wait.........................hehe..............oops........xD.............facebook..?
      i really liked your textiles board really cool one of the best i have seen ahah thanks :D you know you can chat? :D?
      hey there karlion heloooo
      What would you do if you were black? everything and nothing
      tits im bat man hello bat man
      omg who is that guy in ur profile pic? chris
      how you doing man good so far :D
      so man whatsup nothing much gotta go soon sorry D:
      hi hello :D