Justin Bieber

#BELIEVE is on ITUNES and in STORES WORLDWIDE! - SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE FANS...you are always there for me and I will always be there for you.

      Ohhh i love youuuu Ohhh me too
      you will soon return to France? I miss you.. <3 Maybe ;)
      I am Belieber For Everr <3 You make me glad :)
      how are you justiiiin? <3 :)xx ( sorry for all the"i",a desire ;) ) Hhaah good and you?
      you're the real justin? :)xx No, i'm a barbie -.-
      Hiii Justin!! I love you so much!! <3xx Hey babe love you too!
      Justin!. Hii❤❤ Hii <3
      Hello Justin İ love you <3 Hey honey love you too :)
      Hey LOVE! Hey babe:)
      hello Hii
      Do you love France? How do you find the Beliebers? #French Belieber Forever <3xx Ofc i love france. They are very special for me, i love my beliebers :)
      Hi Justin. :D Hey :) x
      Juss.. ... Today I have my 13 birthday. : '((It would be everything to me if you wrote back to me and others.:' (I please it would be the best birthday gift.: '(( Happy Birthday sweetie :)Have a great day, you have my best wishes :) xx