Jiawei Ting


      hate austen? nah, love him. no reasons to hate him
      Meh meh
      thoughts on austen pope? hate that boii lel
      who's your bestie XD XD too many to list ? idk
      what did the black cat say to the white head? what did the white head say to the black cat
      what is the meaning of....chicken pie so deep, even adele can't roll in
      Hi jiawei! hey anon
      Helloooo herro
      hello oh herro
      helo there? hey dere
      do you know what is a nipelis nope
      Tried to talk to you, never worked out :( try again in real life and fb. either :)
      I disliked you at the start but we are slowly becoming friends I want to talk to you :)