real bella thorne on i dont knowwwwwwwww
      You know lithuania? What you think about lithuania??? i love youuuuuuuuuuuu
      Yep selam ;D. And answer is aleikum ;D. It sounds like this : selam aleikum, aleikum selam ;D ha?
      hey sexy how r u ? :* im good and ya?
      BITCH! yep you ;)
      RIHANNA she is ma bitch
      love you baby love u too baby
      Jessiee. :D ♥ yeeeepp
      Can we talk on skype? I just wanna see u thats all... Plz just one min ;*** okay? link??
      naber qnq whaa???
      I love u :) love you too x :)
      Heya Jessie!Have you got ??
      selam is arabich hi. I see it in the movie :D haha selam? :D
      Ehyyy i love u jessie !!<3 Love you too :)) <3
      selam jessie yep im Jessy but 'selam' what its mean???
      love you jessie xx #Onikah :) love you too Onika xx::))
      Babyy do u love Milica s. Haha yep she is my bff xx
      baby yep?
      aw ♥ hihi
      salak wha?
      Please come to Macedonia <3 idk baby but i wany :) xx
      I love you Jessie j LOVE U TOO MY LIFE!
      I Love You Jessie <3 - You send me a ask to make you a question here :D okay baby i send haha xx
      Love u Jess<33 love u too baby <33
      Hey Jessie heey
      Turkey ? yep i know xxx :)
      hey jessie!!! heey babyy
      my baaaaby haha x