Jack Abbott

      lol, is this like the new ask.fm? haha i guess
      why did u break up with kate shepherd? haha ask me somewhere else.
      what's bubble shooting? haha shooting bubble tea at strangers hahahaha
      yeah the chat ohh haha i didn't realise,
      What do you usually do with Martin? What's so fun? we normally just hangout, bubble shooting :) and play xbox and stuff
      Your talkd isn't working.... huh? you mean the chat?
      DO you think you're good at drums haha not really :P
      Go on ask.fm ok..
      haha knew it you always hang out with Martin haha yeahh
      Did you hang out with martin? today? yes
      What did you do today? nothing much, had rugby training
      yeah you and kate oh yeah, same
      I thought you guys would last longer than this me and kate?
      your tAlkd is not working lel ok..
      take care and I hope its not too painful that kate has gone on to her next bf. huh? I'm fine..
      will you never say why you broke off with kate ask me on Facebook.
      the turn of events is simply sad, disturbing cos I thought second time around, you guys would be more serious ?