Swerve.Kayla and Haley here~14 and 13~Best friends foreverrrrr~ Ask us stuff?

      excited for high school? in america not really lol
      [[10000275250227]] wut.
      'sup aye
      hi hello
      Do you think the person whos making all these hate comments is the same person who does it on ask.fm ? psh nah theres so many jealous people out there. but you never know.
      #hayleyrious this is to perfect omg.
      ew kayla you and noah make a shit couple. AND he's moving to nist also.. i think he would make a great couple with the girl you hate.. and i think you should let him be you and mauro on the other hand are cute.. haley and mauro? not so much cause you you would make a shit couple with anybody its okay.
      Will you marry me??? nah
      GAngbang!!!!!! no
      why are you both sooo friggin gorgeous<3 daww thankss <3 you are probably beautiful as well:)
      heyy heyy whats up
      kayla+noah=<3 haley+mauro=<3 haley+mauro+kayla+noah=fucking sex riot bitches hahaha aight bro gracias.
      hey dere well aloha
      bitches for getting this bitch for being on anon
      heyo heyy sup?
      hey guys hola
      Hi Haley, you know me?? :P well you are on anon so no:(
      Go fucking die in fucking hell rude man just rude
      FUCKING ANSWER ME GUYS calm your tits hey