Guðný Helga

Th is thing is acting retarded. Go on my tumblr and I can talk there. And my photo is there too ;)

      hi Hey
      rp Sure :)
      chat english? Yeah :)
      you get it? My internet was down, but no I didn't get it
      tumblr wont let me ask you a question if i leave you a link okay, send me just the name and I'll put in the http://
      use http:// When? with Tumblr ?
      i sent it there Alright :)
      tumblr I have it pinned to my profile
      you are not showing up Then send a link to be in a question. I wont post it
      where should i send link There is this ''This user is online send him/her a message don't worry it will be anonymously'' click that and send it there
      because every other anon can read past questions I know, but no one else can if you talk to me through chat
      can you delete wall posts? Yeah I think so, why?
      its all saved on this wall though I know it is
      ok :)
      using this ? To talk with you on anon, now you are just asking questions. It's possible to talk with you on anon to :)
      talk? Yeah, talk. It be easier
      should we use another messenger? What messenger? We can also talk with you on anon
      get booted? What? no..
      rp? Yeah :)
      ? ???
      chat? Jam :)
      ekki hlusta á þennan fávita ;) Haha, allt í lagi :)
      bitch :) Takk fyrir ;)