is it just me or is this not working? theres no place to talk to you on anon, only to ask you questions haha Yeah I know, its fucked up, wait its not much difference but yeah. here
      are you good at giving advice? yeah
      how're you :)? I'm good. You?
      hhellooooo heyy
      have you ever licked a pussy nice and good? WTF go away
      FINN u dont know me but i know you :3 woot, alright, creepy stalkers ftw
      do u have snapchat fluker08
      your sexy, abercombe and fitch? aberbonmvbe abf nree feetch
      You should model for Abercrombie when your older ;* no
      Are you a Virgin? yes
      You suck at this whole stuff fuck off hamish
      fuck me in the vagina nope
      got snapchat? yeah, fluker08
      Are you a mental patient in a room full of toys wondering where jake is? yiss
      how fucking bored are you? very
      Your so attractive, arent you ok
      SORRY BITCH ok
      Your a babe.. I know
      Im sorry ;( ?
      Wheres jake the dog? I will beat you to death
      becky fawdrey wis if shes the girl in mui wo that im thinking of then shes pretty and i see her round alot
      how many anonyms right now? none :(
      Tessa who?
      thoughts on max b hes a m8
      LOL wut
      thoughts on vitor down syndrome
      Thoughts on emmett <3 swig swug sweg faggot
      thoughts on miranda shes chill and helps me with all sciences
      thoughts on christian and john Love christian. Hate john.
      hey sexy wat
      Why dont you come to DC? yeah
      hey babe heyy bb
      hi are you any good at advice i guess
      from fb: ♥ want a relationship :P u sexy :D i wanna be friends 8) ur attractive :-) i have a secret to tell u You already said this