heyyy hi
      U seem really nice... aw
      when is ur birthday! tuesday
      Hi hi
      i had a great time at your pataaaayy goooooooood
      zomg i wish we were friends but u'll think im weirddd nah
      Did you get with Pitney? did u
      go on the chat love how
      iewrowierkjhfdkjfhdkfndddddddddddd AH
      I'd love to get to no u but I'm scared u won't like me i wud
      who would be someone you have drifted from? dunno mate
      how was pitneys tounge ay? shahahha
      Where do you buy your clothes from? xx shops
      come online biatch xx how?
      Get with Jesper Robinson dont really no him
      hey sugatits whats hangin? hey
      Closest 5 friends from your new school you
      Smokin' on some grass got me thinkin bout yo ass LLALALALLA
      i miss u emilie mis su too
      i think you are the most beautiful girl ive ever met aWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwww
      Get with Jesper jesper who
      who's ur BFF u bby
      Do you have any idea who I am yet? no
      Do you have any idea who I am no
      is this anon? yep