its not working i know :((( ugh i hate this shit
      what;s up? xd ugh this shit isn't working :((((
      Hi :) chaatt meee
      U there i am, but it seems like it isnt working
      u online? yess babe
      i can't chat to you, it wont work ugghh damn it chat me on fbbb or skype or anything
      hey hey, chat me
      bye x have a good night! ;) thank you! x
      YOOOOo its jacobobbb hey jacob :)
      da go on okey babe
      elidaa go online I AM ONLINEEE
      come online i want to talk im online nowww
      :D hi elida! hello
      chatting to anon atm? no cause talkd isn't working! like you cant chat people :((
      hi, you don't know me but your response to that anon was beautiful. my dad's got cancer so i can only imagine Thank you. My prayers go to you, your father and your family. Take care <3
      fuck shhh, don't swear
      sad happy
      loser good wan
      you cocksucker all day erre day
      elida that is my name indeed. chat me <3
      :=) :-)
      hey, whats up gurl homeroom :((
      elida just forget this noob who keeps complimenting u without telling u who is. wat a waste of time no its not. back off <3
      elida? your not online :( i am now :))