Chelsie Kay Collard

      do u watch home and away nah
      favourite kids at parkdale secondary abdullah, taylan, jake
      Wait is dis anonymous yeah
      Who am I idk you tell me
      you;re such a cutie! all you
      Unlike others, you deserve to be happy! aww thankyou <3
      Chelsie<3 U were given this life cause u were strong enough to live it Have fun avoid the shit suck it up and care be happy Cause won day you will relise everything u did was exactly wat you wanted <3 talk to me on fb thank you soo much, made me smile <3
      There is this girl I am in love with, for her birthday I have bought her a necklace and am going to take her out for dinner and watch a movie after, do you think this sounds good? What else should I do :P how old are you?
      its not cute. the only cute thing is you beautiful awwwww :p
      You on a laptop or computer laptop
      Your extremely beautiful if i was your boyfriend i would care for you so much aww thats cute :)
      You're so perfect and amazing and gorgeous! I hope that one day I can meet you.. xo aww. one day ;)
      Are you on your phone no milan broke it :(
      Apparently you dont even lift fuck don't tell anyone
      Your beautiful as you're too kind
      your so pretty! werk it gurllll hehe thanks gorgeous <3
      is this like i guess so
      Anon chat? whatt? ahha
      Are you going to hopes party HOPEfully mwahahahah
      your fucking 13 slut probs rooted virgin mateeee
      Where's your chat? whhattt?
      yeah i'm not too bad, thanks :) fair enough
      underwear colour fuck off
      Are you from frankston? was but not anymore but i know like everyone from there guess
      Accept me on Facebook m8 whats your name m8
      Hey, how many $w4gs? to many
      What doing <33 chillen you?
      how are you? good you? :)
      hi hey
      hii hey
      Hi hey
      you are freaking beautiful! you're too kind :)
      hey chelsie collard! hey random person!
      Hello ? hey
      Hey hey hey hey hey
      hey hey
      Hey hey
      Hey hey
      Can you share my photo <3 no.
      sex no
      hi hey
      Hey beautiful hey there