I still can't chat :( Who invented this shit?
      im so angry right now :( I got over the anger the fourth time this happened, now I just feel frustration and disappointment :( Check my qoohme btw
      i cant speak to you!!! wtf, why is it calld talkd, if you dont really talk, its just look qooh,me but worse Ikr! When they added questions it stopped working :( now its just shitty qoohme :(
      why doesnt it let me speak to you? :( Idk, maybe fox bought the website :/
      wont let me start a chat still :( :( ill try reloading it again
      still not working I'm so sorry, stupid talkd rarely actually works now days :(
      wanna fuck you so bad :) Sure ye do laddie
      Won't let me start a chat Talkd sucks
      I can only ask a question :/ omg no, not again :( I really needed to talk to Kobe
      Why don't your talkd work? Idk, sucks though
      Hey bbg ;) Yo ;)
      ??? ??
      Still not working :( This really sucks, what should I do?
      Can u try reloading again? Sure, Not sure if it'll work
      Why can't we talk? Idk my thingy isnt worrking
      hey hunny your very good looking ;) Thanx ;)
      your chat on talkd isnt working :( Huh? ill log out and back in
      you there? yeah
      It isn't working beautiful :( I'll reload it
      Go on You need tell me on qoohme, I barely check this
      Go on now Im on noooooow
      Go on Hurryyyyy I have tennis early tomorrow
      Go on I'm on
      get back onnnnn I am on
      such a brown chocolate Omg michielllllllll SHE AINT GONNA MELT
      remember pe i loved the routine hahhaahaha What??