You are so hot! thanks but i don't think so :(
      Omg! You'r ( . )( . ) are wow! hahaha lol :3
      I saw you on "you now" you was with some songlasses and btw you are smoking hot! hahah thanks xx
      marry me baby? x nah, srry i'm already taken. xharryx
      you are so fit alison! thank you darling x
      tink dong lama lama ding tong ert þú frá þessu landi ?? english?
      ding dong lalalala what the??..
      yup im in love with you <3 <3
      guess who i am i have blond hair im in your school and im 17 year old boy tylor!!!
      What activities and/or hobbies are enjoyed? danceing :D and singing
      Hey im with you in a school and i like you :3 Haha aww who are you x
      You are so perfect ! I wanna be like you ! Aww you are so sweet! <3
      Do you like harry brown? Maybe :3
      Would you ever date harry? Who knows x
      Hey x Heeyww x
      Who is the cutiest boy you have ever seen who is born the year 1999? So many but Harry Brown is one of the cutiest!
      You are so cute Thank you cutie <3