Honestly, are you and max dating? HAHAHHAHAHAH NO HAHAH dw you can have him ;)
      How did you end up getting such a fabulous and gorgeous friend called Molly? i'm sorry i don't know who that is? Haha this is so awkward wow um i would say i would want to get to know her but she seems a little weird to be honest :/
      On a scale from 1-10 how pretty do you think you are? like 6?? hahahah idk
      hey? hiiiiiii
      Ily ily too bb
      you like pizza? um yeah haahah
      Honest question, do you think you are pretty? or not? i answered this on ask hahah, i don't think i'm ogre ugly but i don't think im pretty either i just think im like average i guess ahahaha
      Which boy do u hate most? no one lol
      Why is your friend Molly such a weirdo? lol iDk
      What are dis? hwat?\
      agnese why r u su fab because yolo
      Why you look so awesome? idk
      why do you look like a fart GENES
      how do you have such an awesome friend called Molly? hu es molli